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Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Service Manual benehavg




4.1. Motorcycle riding ---------------------- 4.1.1. Fit motorcycle helmet, goggles, gloves, boots and any other suitable protection. 4.1.2. Be sure the motorcycle is in good running condition and able to take a rider's weight and weight of all baggage. 4.1.3. Be sure the motorcycle is properly fueled and that the refueling system is in good working condition. 4.1.4. Be sure the motorcycle is roadworthy, that the brakes are working and are maintained in good working condition, that the transmission, clutch and other components are in good working condition, that the speedometer is functioning, that the instruments are not covered and that the speedometer does not have a tachometer. 4.1.5. Observe traffic signs and traffic signals. 4.1.6. Observe any posted road signs, signals, warning signs and markings. 4.1.7. Observe traffic lanes, roads and directions and make sure the rider knows how to drive a motorcycle in the conditions the motorcycle is to be used. 4.1.8. Observe the law, both that applies to the use of motorcycles and that applies to other road users. 4.2. Driving ------------ 4.2.1. Fit a high-visibility vest. 4.2.2. Observe road users. 4.2.3. Keep the motorcycle in good repair and in good condition. 4.2.4. Be able to control the motorcycle while moving at a reasonable speed and do not allow the motorcycle to overrun the posted speed limit. 4.2.5. Maintain a safe following distance. 4.2.6. Maintain control at all times while driving. 4.2.7. Maintain control of the motorcycle and be able to control the motorcycle if you are involved in an accident. 4.2.8. Be sure the motorcycle is roadworthy. 4.2.9. Be sure that the motorcycle has a working horn and be sure to use the horn in the circumstances required. 4.2.10. Observe the movement of any other vehicle(s) to the side of the roadway. 4.2.11. Avoid making sudden stops, rapid turns or sudden movements of the motorcycle.



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Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Service Manual benehavg
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