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Reduce Stigma and increase Equality in Your Organisation

Welcome to our ‘Unconscious Bias’ training.

Are you looking to improve your team effectiveness, to build relationships and understanding, to reduce stigma in the workplace and improve equality? If so then your teams understanding bias is essential.


You might have come across the idea of bias due to prejudice.

Prejudice is a strong belief about a person or about a topic, which is often NOT based on facts.


When a person has a prejudice about something or someone, they are judging them based on preconceptions, which might be based on fear or ignorance of a topic or situation and not on reviewing the facts.

Prejudice creates bias, which means that when we hold prejudices, we are not judging a person or a situation objectively.

The idea is that unconscious bias is exactly that, unconscious (unlike prejudice of which we are usually aware of). This means that we are not even aware that we are holding that type of bias.

Why do we hold unconscious bias, how can it even exist and what can we do about it? Let’s find out together. 

At The Resilience and Wellbeing Company we run a 2 hour introduction to Unconscious Bias course and a 4 hour Unconscious Bias and Intercultural Communication.

To find out more about how this can help your business and your people to thrive use the link below to get in touch.

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